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PET aluminum laminated film

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PET aluminum laminated film has excellent physical and mechanical properties  as ordinary  polyester  film, and also has excellent  chemical properties. Good transparency, low haze, high glossiness. Mainly used for  top grade vacuum  aluminizing products,  after aluminizing the film act as a mirror,  has excellent packaging  decorative effect; it also can be used as laser anti-counterfeit base film and so on. 


Aluminum laminated films adopt superior BOPET base film, the product is formed by high-vacuum aluminizing. The product has better aluminum deposit adhesion, stronger tensile strength, favorable glossiness, excellent  barrier properties of oxygen permeation, moisture permeable .


Widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, SBS waterproofing material, self-adhesive  waterproofing material, label, gift package and printing, automotive  glass protection, building  decoration, gold and silver cardboard, adhesive sticker, static  electricity film packaging bag, wine packaging, cosmetics packaging  and so on.


PET aluminum laminated film

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