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Pet film

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Has excellent physical and mechanical properties  as ordinary  polyester  film, and also has excellent  chemical properties. Good transparency, low haze, high glossiness. Mainly used for  top grade vacuum  aluminizing products,  after aluminizing the film act as a mirror,  has excellent packaging  decorative effect; it also can be used as laser anti-counterfeit base film and so on. 


1.PET release film with a flat bright surface, high cleanliness, no cockle, grain, air bubble, pinhole, scratch and color lines.

2. PET release film has excellent physical and mechanical properties, little thickness tolerance, even transparency , low hot-shrinkage rate, good tensile strength.

3. PET release film surface release matter coating uniform ,little release force  run-out tolerance, high SAS.

4. PET release film can be cut into roll or disk, has little dependence on storage temperature, storage humidity, storage time.


It is mainly used for: self-adhesive waterproof coil materials, waterproof materials, production cable, packaging materials and so on.
Performance: high temperature resistance, good luster, tensile strength, longitudinal MD215, lateral TD254.
Film color: transparent, milky white.
Film thickness: 0.02 ~ 0.5 mm
Film width: 0.05 ~ 2.02 m, width can be customized according to customer's requirements.


PET film

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