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PE film

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Mainly used as surface material for self-adhesive coiled material SBS/APP waterproof coil. The property can reach the national standard. Good lightproof, anti sun, cooling is obvious, after construction, no bubble, against fading.
Performance:  tensile strength: 200 n / 50 mm, elongation at break 45%, temperature tolerance 165 .


Strong double overlay film, has higher tear strength and dimensional stability, water resistance is better than common film.

Has the property of ultraviolet resistant, even exposed for a long time  after construction, it still not affect the appearance quality of the products.

Excellent high and low temperature resistance makes it able to adapt to climate change of hot and cold area.

Has unique puncture resistance, self-healing and continuous tear resistance.

Use innovation method, can adopt dry-laid, wet-laid, empty-laid and pre-laid stick side up method to constuct. Reduce the labor intensity,  adapt to the basic requirements.

Safe environmental protection, friendly to environment, eliminate the construction site safety hidden trouble.


Used for engineering waterproof , such as basement, subway, tunnel, pools, planting roofing, underground garage roof greening and roof garden, etc.


Compare with common film, the performance is very obvious in terms of flatness and tearing resistance.

Film color: blue film, black film, apple green, green and black)

Thickness: 0.012 ~ 0.20 mm, can be customized according to the customer's requirements

Width: 980 mm to 1000 mm, 960 mm, maximum width can produce 2.5 meters.


PE film

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